ANNUAL CLEAN-UP DAYS (click here for more information)

“CLEAN-UP DAYS” in the City of Flora will be May 20-24, 2024, for anyone inside Flora city limits.  Accumulated, unwanted items at residences will be picked up at no extra charge on the day shown on the map linked below.  It is requested Small or Loose items be bundled or bagged.  Carpet needs to be cut and tied so one person can handle it, Broken Glass items need to be bagged and marked for safety, Multiple Items such as brooms, mops, blinds, etc. need to be tied together, Pool Liners need to be cut down, and Metal Swing Sets need to be broken down.  ALL MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS MUST BE WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, IN ORDER TO BE PICKED UP.

NOTE: Electronic Items (i.e., televisions and monitors, radios, tape recorders, computer hard drives, monitors, printers, cell phones, etc.) please contact Secure Processors at 618-662-4823.

Republic Services, Flora’s solid waste hauler, will not accept any white goods (i.e., stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc.), tires or vehicle/boat parts, paint, hazardous materials/waste, landscape waste, construction/remodeling/demolition materials, concrete/brick/asphalt, batteries, pressurized tanks, gas/oil/antifreeze, ammunition, or explosives.

Residents may deliver their properly decommissioned (no Freon or Oil) white goods to Public Works West lot at 200 Fairview St.  Please follow the signs posted.  This will be a residential only pick up site.  We will only be accepting white goods daily between the hours of 7:30a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Any further questions please call 618-662-4625 or email pwadmin@florail.us.

Please keep weight in mind when grouping items (such as books and magazines) in a bag or trash container. 

If any questions or concerns, contact City Hall at 662-4625 or 662-8313.