Welcome To Flora
Flora - A Great Place To Live

The Garden Spot of the Midwest

The name invokes colorful scenes of overflowing gardens with multihued flowers and greenery. It is an impression that stays with you as you stroll through bright parks and gaze into storefront windows.

That special something, that elusive combination of comfort and opportunity you have been looking for to start a business, raise a family, retire or pursue a career is the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Flora, Illinois. It is a special garden spot in the Midwest, where the warmth of Mother Nature is reflected in the people who greet you on the street corner, in the coffeehouse or at the Little League Baseball game. 

Here are people who care about their neighbors, who are willing to share old recipes and who welcome new experiences. Residents of Flora hold true to a strong community involvement. It is this common spirit that is the very heart of Flora.

Today, Flora is a thriving community of friendly people who will greet you with warm smiles and an inviting attitude. Your invitation is at hand. Come see what Flora has to offer.