Municipal Court

The City of Flora initiated its City Court (Municipal Court) process in the year 2000. City Court is held in the Council Chambers of Flora City Hall, 131 E. 2nd St.   Attorney Mary Beth Welch Collins serves as the Hearing Officer.

Title 1, Chapter 11 and 12 of the Code of Ordinances explains the process in more detail. The city's building inspector and officers of the Flora Police Department issue citations for various violations outlined within the city's code. Examples (but not limited to) of such violations include disorderly conduct, excessive acceleration of motor vehicles, lewdness, resisting arrest, alcoholic beverages on public property, curfew, dogs or cats running at large, parking or storage of inoperable motor vehicles, and various nuisances (weeds, accumulation of trash and miscellaneous items, unsafe structures, etc.).

Fine / penalty fee amounts vary with the violation as set forth in the code of ordinances.